Aloha Terrace

Aloha Terrace

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Aloha Terrace Renovation

Nestled in Seattle's charming Queen Anne neighborhood, 218 Aloha Street is a gem from the post-war era, built in 1947. This historic apartment building boasts classic brick exteriors and a design that captures the practicality and comfort of mid-20th-century architecture. In 2023, our renovation efforts focused on preserving the building's historical charm while implementing modern enhancements. By updating the concrete infrastructure and integrating advanced water management, we ensured the longevity and structural integrity.

Concrete Renovation

  • Water Damage Repair: Fixed damage to brick walls and planters caused by hydrostatic pressure.
  • Concrete Overhaul: Replaced damaged concrete areas, including the main patio, walkways, and entrance.
  • Advanced Drainage: Installed trench and French drains to manage runoff and prevent future damage.
  • Brick Restoration: Revitalized brick walls for improved aesthetics and stability.
  • Stone Pavers: Enhanced upper and lower gathering areas with stylish pavers.
  • Water-Conserving Landscaping: Introduced low-water usage plants and optimized sprinkler systems for efficient irrigation.


  • Enhanced Durability: Strengthened structures to withstand future wear and tear.
  • Effective Water Management: Reduced risk of water damage through innovative drainage solutions.
  • Aesthetic Improvements: Upgraded communal areas to provide attractive and functional outdoor spaces.

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